Adventures in shopping…Nars The Multiple!

I love affordable fashion, beauty products, wine and food. I have lived all over the world and living an affordable fashionable life has been a challenge but I have gotten pretty good at it. I have lived a double life for the past twenty years…on duty in uniform as a soldier and off duty in trendy clothes, hair and make up. It has all been a challenge. From finding MAC cosmetics in Germany and Hungary in local beauty stores (big score!) to walking into a flagship GAP in Piccadilly Square London it has all been an adventure.

One of my favorite products that I have been able to find all over the world is Nars the Multiple stick. Its a multi-purpose product that has saved me time and time again. Paired with a lipliner and eyeliner it can be used for eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. I packed it for a weekend trip to Budapest with a bunch of friends. Riding in a borrowed minivan with a backpack as luggage I was able to change my look for evening….even ran into famous rapper MOS Def looking my best.

Nars The Multiple


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