Summer Lip Love!

Summer is finally here and out comes the sandals and maxi dresses. However, I have a new obsession….LIMECRIME!!!! Currently on sale on for $10 dollars. I had to get just one more. Love the popping colors and matte look. This amazing matte lipstick goes on wet and dries to a delicious, saturated matte that doesn’t budge until you wash it off. I bought two from and they arrived the next day. I have never been happier with a lipstick and fully intend to buy other colors. Cruelty-free and vegan and very addictive. I decide to feature a photo of two of my friends wearing my favs….Here is Michelle wearing Red Velvet…funny thing she is the lady that introduced me to Limecrime…it looked so amazing on her and lasted through a meal and drinking beverages….she is on trend and I love it! She turned the tables on me and took a photo of my wearing Pink Velvet and I love it even more!



Summer; Lips; Limecrime; Sale; Color; Matte

Featured image                                                                                                                                                         VELVETINES__29170.1431509004.525.350


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