Live Love Boutique-Etsy

I feel so fortunate to meet people who do amazing fun things. During my Master’s residency summer course. I met a classmate Noel B. who runs her own Etsy store! I was so excited to look at her page and loved EVERYTHING! I was not disappointed at all. Delicate handmade glass earrings, layered necklaces and beaded bracelets that go with every outfit any occasion you can think of…perfect for summer! Affordable enough to buy a pair for every girl in your crew. I can see myself wearing these earrings with a short natural haircut. You can chose from a variety of styles and colors. Noel’s site also gives back for every purchase she donates $1 to the Alzheimer’s Association.  If you want to own a pair for yourself or buy a pair for a friend take advantage of this gift from Noel B. Use the code EVERYDAY and receive 15% off just for being a friend of mine. Love Ya! Well I am obsessed with pretty jewelry and if you are too go visit her site.






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