It’s Fall Y’all!


I never thought I would become a a devotee of Pampered Chef but I was hooked after a neighbor gave an amazing party that featured Fall products. I immediately signed up for my own party and scored hundreds of dollars of free quality items and had a great time hosting my Pampered Chef party in my local watering hole. So I decided to host a Pampered Chef Fall catalogue party. It is time for pumpkin-spiced everything and who doesn’t love making homemade whipped cream?! Save a few bucks and add some whipped love in a variety of flavors to your favorite hot beverage!


How do you make this whipped love? I have just the tool for you!


The Whipped Cream maker is available on my Pampered Chef catalogue

Another of my favorite Pampered Chef treasures is the Deep Covered Baker. I use it in the microwave and the oven for everything from Herb-Roasted Chicken and Roasted Veggies to Italian Roast Beef that I shred for Portillo’s-style beef sandwiches.


Some of the Pampered Chef staples that I use every time I cook are back so you can be your domestic goddess on….these products take the pain out of chopping, dicing and shredding. Next post I will share with you all the products I am scoring for myself. Let’s Pamper our kitchen.




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