What’s In Your Summer Make Up Bag? ….My Favorite Things Spring Travel Edition

imagesIt is that time of year when I put away my heavy, dark, over-defined statement makeup and fill my handbag with light, pretty basic products that let my skin shine through. I prefer makeup that take 2-3 minutes to apply often without a mirror. I don’t want to be a slave to the mirror, the heat or anyone’s expectations. I also keep a beautiful notebook sure to inspire and feed my creative flowI wanted to share a few of these products with you and would love to see what’s in your bag!

The Travel Make Up Bag!


I am still on a @MilkMakeUp kick so bear with me. I hate traveling with my favorite full size skin care items….the anxiety going through security is too much to bear. Ziploc bags with all of your carefully cultivated products undergo scrutiny from agents who could care less that you can’t live without the base of your entire look. So to reduce my stress I rely on full-sized options and travel products from Milk MakeUp….perfectly sized and the solids are TSA-approved!  Fabulous face, dewy and fresh, perfect for every occasion that you may come across.

Matcha-Cleanser-cap-655x1024I love TEA and drink it everyday so Milk Makeup’s All – New Matcha tea skin cleanser and toner are perfect for your summer makeup bag. These products keep your skin cleansed, toned and protected; they also keep you from carrying your entire collection on your travels. My favorite new Milk Makeup products come in solid form so TSA can keep their hands off and you can stay beautiful throughout your adventure.


The best feature of the Milk Makeup travel kit is that they come in their own adorable travel bag so I can just grab and go! The Milk Make Up travel kit comes equipped with the hangover-killer Cooling Water.  A soothing seawater and firming caffeine stick that helps soothe puffy travel and margarita salt swollen eyes. I apply this product each night and morning. Milk’s Hydrating Oil Stick is goes on next. This hydrating oil vitalizes my skin and help me maintain a healthy glow. Just a dab where you need it and smooth into your face….no need to pile it on. I follow up with the Blur Stick an oil-free primer in a universal neutral shade to blur the look of imperfections. Perfect for vacations when you want your skin to shine through. Let your skin bloom like the flowers that you see everyday! A minimal layer of Ubame mascara, a touch of highlighter, brow gel, rosy blush and lip balm  and you are ready for your next adventure!

Turn that fresh face look into Super Glam with Lashes from ZivaLash! Make your eyes pop and draws every eye in the room! My choice is the Zivalash Kari Ruby Lash!

These silk lashes are lengthy with a wispy flair at the end.  You will get in trouble when you wear these pretties out and about. Now get out there and be glamorous!


Travel Light…Travel Easy and Most of All!  Don’t be Afraid To Let Your Line Shine!



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