Camera Musings….Me and My Holga!

images-3I am at heart a photographer! I love the feel of a camera in my hand and I carry one everywhere I go. I was trained as an Army videographer and was told that I am a good one. I chalk that up to great Army training, a steady hand and breath control are the result of my years in uniform behind a camera capturing things that go BOOM! I wouldn’t trade it for the world but my heart is in photography. I use my iPhone 6s Plus and my Hipstamatic app for spontaneous, in-the-moment shots and friend shots that end up on Facebook and Instagram. When I want to capture dreamy, artistic shots I pull out the Holga.

images-1After its launch in the early 1980s, Holga cameras became a popular option for people like me that want to shoot medium format 120 film on the cheap. The Holga was manufactured in in China and was marketed as the working-man’s camera that was expensive and available to everyone. Alas, camera production was shut down in late 2015, but the Holga is making a comeback! Lomography color negative¬†film paired with the Holga produces photos that are lightly colored with light leaks and blurry edges that are artistic and full of life. My interest in Holga’s started a few years ago and I was able to purchase my Holga’s…yes I have a few and plan to get more…from Amazon and with it’s Prime delivery option I can have a new one in my hand in a day or two. I love the fun colors and the toy camera feel.

Photos don’t have to be perfect and if I can get one beautifully, imperfect photo out of a roll of film I am happy. Find beauty in the simple things! images-2The summer season and all its adventures and activities will guide you just follow your eye.

Happy Holga Days and I want to see some of your pics.