Natural Hair Musings…..I’ve Been Damned!!!!!!

4_2048x2048My natural hair journey has been long but satisfying. I love trying new things but I stay away from any and everything lye-based. It has been 5+ years that started in Afghanistan. I spent a year working in Kabul, Afghanistan and the work was very meaningful but my hair suffered greatly. The water was hard and my lightened strands to a serious beating. So, I did what I always do and turned to the Internet and researched a solution. I came across and advert for The Damn Salon and instantly knew that I found my solution. I booked an appointment with the salon’s touring team that comes to Washington D.C every three months for a marathon hair session and found my happy place. The styles that I wore were wild and free and represented my personality perfectly. The styles that I wore were wild and free and represented my personality perfectly.


I met the salon’s creator, Mushiya Tshikuka and we bonded instantly over the natural hair movement. I gave my hair health to Mushiya and The Damn Salon for two years and was rewarded with hair that was free of chemicals and growing like a weed. …..And that was 5 years ago and our friendship is as strong as ever! I have never met a woman that cares as much about women’s emotional health and how it is tied to our confidence. She wants every woman to look and feel good.  Mushiya went on to become a featured cast member of ‘Cutting it in the ATL’, a reality show that followed the business practices and lives of a few elite Black hair salon owners in Atlanta, Ga.

Mushiya has given me looks that give me life! Here are a few of my favorites!


So that is the ‘Damn’ back story! LOL! Mushiya has unleashed my inner hair diva and I haven’t looked back. When I have been Damn’d my confidence is through the roof. I am a bit shy normally but I do not have confidence issues. But, I get an extra boost when I leave the loving, creative atmosphere that The Damn Salon brings to every city they visit. We talk, laugh and boost each other up. Mushiya is an accomplished chef and we eat well….I am guilty of bringing the wine on a few occasions. We share success stories, wishes and fears. I even learned a few Congolese dance moves that I am going to bust out one day when I want to dance like no one is watching….I was with these ladies when I received news that I was accepted to grad school with a scholarship so it was with joy that I returned with the news that I’d graduated with my Master’s degree in Emerging Media Studies from Loyola University Maryland. We laugh, we cry and we love!

10896975_10203749518327194_2340382043310069446_n (1)


Along with the love and sisterhood come the products….YASSSSSSSSS! I left with a shiny pink bag chock full of products that Mushiya has developed for natural hair and the people that love STUFF! b04677_ae699ec6b5188070e2edd4f28fa399d4When I came home from Afghanistan with damaged, bleached hair with balding spots that were down to the scalp in places I couldn’t see. It was these products that brought my hair back to its natural state. I massaged the shea butter-based hair butter into my thirsty scalp once a week and in a few short months my hair grew back in the balding spots. A few months after that I had a headful of healthy hair to deal with.

It has been a week since I got my hair done and I am still enamored with the Urban Twists that Mushiya chose for me along with the honey and platinum color that she knew would compliment my skin.

Damn! I am summer ready and off to my next adventure…stay tuned!


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