Fashion Musings…..Fall Updates and Additions!

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.20.54 PM

I recently discovered that I work really close to a Saks Fifth Ave. warehouse that opens it’s company store to the public on a regular basis. I stop in from time to time to look for hidden jewels that won’t cost the equivalent of my rent to add to my Fall wardrobe.

I was on a mission that first time I went to the Saks company store. I needed an evening dress for a wedding and my closet was lacking in the fancy dress department. I left there with an ombre Halston silk dress for $10.

My second trip I hit the jackpot! I walk in the door and right in front of me stands a rack of leather pants. (cue the heavenly music and sunbursts) The first pair that looked like my size was a pair of Helmut Lang zip front leather leggings. The second pair areĀ  ankle length skinnies with a cute zip on the side. Both were a bargain at $99 and $69 dollars a pair. They are both missing a button but a quick Amazon search solved that issue for $6.95.

Styling classic leather pants is a easy thanks to Pinterest. I have started a page called Rock Chic Glam that is full of looks that will make wearing my treasures fun to wear. Dress them up or down leather pants will always be hot!

How are you updating your wardrobe for Fall?


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