Camera Musings….Photos in an Instant!

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Ahhhh my hobby….it consumes me and I love it! I am constantly doing research and watching vHipstamaticPhoto-538193775.959969ideos for the best tips and tricks. It has been a cold winter and I am done with grad school so it is the perfect time to dig into my film photography hobby. I love the research! I watch YouTube tutorials and read countless blogs. I don’t have many subjects….the dog is tired of my camera in her face so I have lots of selfies. I experiment with light and different types of film and film settings. Today was a different day. It was over 60 degrees out so the fiance and I went for a nice long walk. I slung my Lomo’ Instant around my neck and stuffed a few packs of Fujifilm Monochrome in my pocket and off we went. Meh…I didn’t have much success as you can see from the photo but I love trying and will never stop trying to master this camera and the Monochrome film. So if you are reading this please understand that I am by no means an expert. I am amazing with a digital camera but where is the challenge. I need to learn to slow down, check my settings, be aware of the light and shoot from the heart.

HipstamaticPhoto-536885842.316455My FujiInstax Mini 8 is the first instant camera that I bought and the easiest camera to deal with. Everything is automatic and I don’t have to think as much when I use it but where is the fun in that? My photos from the Fuji are clear and give me the effects I want but it is almost too easy. So I go back to the Lomo’ Instant time and time again. I refuse to be beaten by a plastic instant camera! So if you are looking for a challenge go for the Lomo’ Instant it will hurt your feelings and waste your money but it will challenge you and make you think.

Bottom line…enjoy the journey, relish the challenge. Don’t be hard on yourself and do the research. Most importantly…DON’T GIVE UP!