images¬†Film photography inspires me! It makes me slow down and think. I have to pay attention t0 the lighting conditions, my settings,¬† loading the film and most importantly taking the lens cap off. You can laugh…the first few times I did. Digital cameras and cell phone cameras have made me complacent and I am determined to go back to the basics and get this right. Yes, I am a home grown photographer and I am proud of it.


My journey into photography started when the photography world went digital. I started with film and didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Digital cameras made everything so easy but the work didn’t nurture my soul. It was a job that I loved but I was not passionate about photography until I started collecting vintage cameras. I was in Tbilisi, Georgia on a humanitarian mission and we used our free time to go to a few street and flea markets. The quality and the cleanliness of the cameras I saw as I wandered from stand to stand was amazing. But….I am a Soldier and my spidey sense let me know that word had passed ahead of us and everyone knew that an American was buying cameras so the prices tripled. I had to cut my shopping short because I am nobody’s fool and I know the game. I went home with 15 or 20 cameras because we switched it up and went to different markets. I paid around $25 U.S for each camera and felt good about it.

images-1Fast forward to 2016, I came across a cheap Diana F+ and a Holga for less than $80 bucks, new in the bo mind you, and it was on. I have made mistakes and I share these stories to remind myself to slow the hell down. I didn’t do any research before I loaded my first roll of expensive a$$ 120 Lomography film. I didn’t know how to load the damn things. I didn’t know where to get them developed. All I knew is that I had to do something before I lost my mind. Well, it was an expensive lesson and it taught me to slow down. Twenty rolls in and I have finally figured out where to get the film developed. I have learn that you don’t shoot multiple shots of anything or it will come out of your pocket. For sure I have learned to take the darn less cap off….and it still happens if I am in a hurry. I also learned that those cute little clips on the side of the Holga will cost you a brand new 3 day old camera.

All those lessons and those most important thing I learned was that I love it! I am going to stick with this hobby and master it. Maybe one day I will be an expert….today is not that day. So I want to hear your stories and your lessons because this is all about sharing. I am not an expert and I don’t have a particular direction. I am taking it slow and relishing the journey.


Leave a comment…Join me in the journey. We can share the ride!





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