Polaroid Wishes and Instamatic Dreams!

500x369x2I have received cameras from friends and family all over the world. People find vintage cameras in their attics and basements and think of me. I have acquired cameras in flea markets in Europe that costs as little as $3 US but an unexpected trip home to Chicago added another camera to my collection. My Auntie Janell and her longtime partner Gus remembered that they have an original Polaroid SX-70 One Step instant camera new in the box. The SX-70 OneStep was first released in 1978, and it was designed for the amateur photographer. The Land camera is fully automatic, motorized folding single lens reflex camera that self-develops film. To find an original new in the box is a coup for photographers.

The Polaroid Lad Camera Sx 70 has been on my radar for a while. I have found the updated version on several sites but couldn’t justify buying one right now. Those funds normally go to more film for the cameras I already have in my collection.

is-2The look of this camera draws people to my desk to oooh and ahhh and share stories of the cameras their parents had growing up. I can’t wait to receive my new camera in the mail. Although my Auntie Janell is threatening to hand-deliver her gift to my door step. It will be a great opportunity to takes portaits of her when she has a glass of wine in hand.

Before my new addition arrives I will do all of the approriate research so I know the ins and outs of this gem. I want to have a supply of film on hand when it arrives so my first stop is Adorama to stock up on black and white and color film.

So stay tuned for the photos I produce from this camera. Special thanks to my Auntie Janell and her partner Gus for the gift! I am over the moon excited!