The Film Development Struggle Is Real!

is-3I thought I had it made! There was a photo store 15 minutes away on the other side of Baltimore and I was ready to develop rolls ten at a time. Before I got myself organized to send off the first set they stop developing. It means I don’t have a local place to develop my film. I am an amateur and jumped into film photography without thinking the development process through. I get a great deal on all types of film from Adorama so it’s easy to acquire but sending my good, bad and ugly to an online development store is intimidating af!


fjcasp36My saving grace is my local Walgreens still develops 35mm film with one exception…black and white film. Sigh! So that is another set I have to mail to some stranger who doesn’t understand the trials and tribulations of embarking on a new hobby. I have had days where I forget to take the lens cap off and others where I didn’t make the proper adjustments to my camera before snapping away. I get a little leeway at Walgreens because they don’t charge you for the mistakes that don’t come out.

Thankfully, my family encourages my passion for photography. Check out this website for photo labs that develop film.