Instant Life: My Polaroid Journey!

So happy to walk in the house and a see a box waiting for me. My Polaroid Land Camera was here! I opened the box and there was at least 10 cameras in the box! Many were digital and that’s just not my thing these days but there was a great 35mm in the box that will get some use on my trip to Cuba.

And here it is….an original Polaroid SX 70 from 1977. Slightly dusty but new and never opened. My fiancĂ© suggested I keep it closed and display with all of my other favorites so that is exactly what I did. I want the larger Polaroids so I headed to my local Target to see what they had in stock. That is how I ended up with the mint green Polaroid OneStep 2.

I am already in love with the larger Polaroid photos! It’s exactly what I want in an instant camera. More to come…..

I am going to take ‘Minty’ on a stroll tomorrow and see what Charm City has for me.