Keeping It Simple….A Polaroid Wedding

1466780835000_1258498I have been asked to take photos at my best friend’s daughter’s wedding. I have known the bride-to-be since she was a baby. My niece as I call her is a wonderful young woman and it has been a joy watching her grow and thrive. She serves overseas in the Air Force alongside her fiance so planning this small, family wedding has been interesting.

As much as I hate the idea of taking wedding photos I couldn’t say no. I have a lot of respect for wedding photographers and the ones I’ve met love what they do. As for me….I have never wanted to shoot a wedding….NEVER! I have my reasons for avoiding wedding photography mainly the thought of being responsible for the memories of one the most important days of someone’s life. A few other reasons come to mind as I write this…..I cringe when I see wedding guests with their camera phones and iPads. It also burns my butt to see a guest step into a perfect shot ruining it for the photographers. We all know weddings cost a fortune and photography is one way that people try cut costs. Most people do not want to pay a photographer what they are worth and wedding photographers often struggle to get full payment for their services.¬†Personally, it is disheartening to have friends annouce that I was going to take photos at their wedding assuming that I would say yes….it happens a lot. But for this young lady I will put it all aside and make sure her day is perfect.

I have started mentally planning and my first stop is Pinterest. I do not own a quality digital camera so I will shoot this event with film and Polaroid. I decided on Polaroid so a wedding album can make the trip back to England with the newlyweds. The bride has a quirky, fun personality with a natural crown of hair and winning smile so I think a film and instant photo approach will be fun and different.¬†I currently have Polaroid, Fuji Instax and Lomo’ Instant cameras and plan to take them all. I am considering adding a new instant camera to my collection and the InstantFlex TL70 2.0 is on my radar. I am getting super excited about working with a twin lens instant film camera! I will upate this post once I get it this weekend and test it out at Thanksgiving dinner. Wish me luck and stay tuned for pics!