Flash Crazy! Loving My Polaroid!

I am having a great time torturing my friends with my new Polaroid One Step…..my friends not so much. I am waiting for the day they rebel.

I am dying to buy a new camera but will research aa new instant camera or a film camera. I have to put medium format cameras to the side for now. When I find a reliable print lab I will come back to it.

I realized that it was time to take my 1977 Polaroid Land Camera off the shelf and test it out. I ordered the right film Color SX-70 and the corresponding black and white option. My phone pinged that the film had been delivered but the package looked like some played football with it. The black and white film was stolen off my front stoop. Welp…I am retreating and reading the manual. The 4 photos I took were dark blobs.

If you can share any tips let me know.