Motivation Musings….When In Doubt Don’t Think Just Shoot!

The winter is hard for me. I thrive on sunshine and light and it gets rough. The dark days weigh on my soul and suck the creativity right out of me. My main obstacle is getting film developed this hurdle has me floundering but I will find a way. In the meantime here are a few photos that I’ve taken to keep my creative eye exercised.

Sunset over Hudson Street. I walked outside and was in awe of the beautiful sunset. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and snapped a pic using the Reflex app. I love this app because the filters mimic instant photography. My favorite local spot Cardinal Tavern always makes for a great photo!

Rainy day photos using my captives as models. My dog is so tired of me and I have to catch my SO off guard to get a photo of him.

Baltimore has an amazing food scene and you can find great spots that are 24 hours. We took time out from running errands to have a late breakfast at Broadway diner. We love our local diner it has been featured on several Food Network shows. It’s five minutes from our apartment and we are regulars.

Long days of darkness are a perfect time to write in my journal and immerse myself in my Kindle. I read everything I can get my hands on about lomography and film photography.

Baltimore is rich in tradition and there is nothing like the row houses. In the past shiny, white marble steps and freshly painted wrought iron railings were the mark of a well kept home. On Saturday morning the steps were scrubbed shiny and white. Every spring the railings would get a fresh coat of black lacquer. You don’t see that anymore but on a good day you can imagine the women out there scrubbing steps. I love living in Baltimore. That is a whole series that I am dreaming up. Stay tuned!

My neighborhood was the home base of German and Polish families until 25 years ago. Most of the men were employed at the canning factories in the area so the mothers ruled the roost. Sadly, that all changed as factories closed and regentrification took over.

Baltimore was also home to National Bohemian beer. The beloved mascots sits on top of the building in the background. He is a homing beacon for the current residents. You know you are home when you pass good old Natty Boh!

Staying motivated is not hard if you find inspiration in the beauty around you.

Don’t Think Just Shoot!

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