Musings…Feeding Your Creative Soul

Feeding my creative soul.

I find it difficult to find the time, opportunity and place to feed my creative soul and I am getting frustrated. My obstacles are finding the time, inspiration and a place that puts me in the right mind frame. Winter makes it difficult but I use that time to practice and research so the instant camera gets pulled out and I snap photos of everyday things.

I am also having difficulty find the right inspiration. I take my camera everywhere and I see the same things over and over. I want to be moved by beauty or interesting setings to find this. having a full time job is also and obstacle that has to be addressed. I need to venture out of my day to day environment and find subjects or places that make me reach for amy camera without thought.

As for finding a place…when I am in my apartment there are dozens of things that pull my attention including my dog and my S.O. if I am here they want me to be present and availabe. My concentration and focus go right out of the window. I am determined to make this work so I have taken steps to get me to a place where I can take photos and write about my experience.

Step one. I have decided to step out on faith and make film photography and visual arts my make main focus. I recently applied to and artist residency @CreativeAlliance acceptance into this program will allow me to focus on my creative endeavors. I want to have the time and space to showcase film photograpy and video life stories. Baltimore is an artistic city and I want to embrace it but I need to give my full attention to my art. If accepted I am going to give up my job and apply for art school. I can see myself learning and creating. In my heart I feel this is for me and it is the right time. I am ready. I understand that I may not be accepted the first time I apply but I am inspired to look around at other residencies that will give me the time to work on my dream. For once I am not afraid to take a leap. I have been planning for this all year. I want to be apart of a community of artists that share the same vision. Send me your positive vibes and experiences!