Musings…Choosing The Right Images

A major part of my journey back to film is taking the next step. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone to get to another level. The biggest step is deciding to devote myself to photography and digital media full time. I’ve applied for an art residency program in my area and pray that they see my potential and willingness to put in the work. I also found a graduate program that works with my vision and I’m curating images to submit. I know it sounds like a lot but it makes sense to me. It is time to expand my knowledge base and have space to concentrate and create without then distractions of everyday life.

Both opportunities fell into my lap and the deadline dates left little room for procrastinating. I had to get my submissions together fast. I was able to submit my application for the residency right at the deadline. My application deadline for grad school is fast approaching so I am under the gun. There are challenges of course. I don’t have a extensive portfolio….I have to be careful using photos from my military time and it’s worse with videos. I had to dig into my storage for photos that don’t show anything operational. I found some real gems that took me back in time. Take a look at the images I pulled out of storage.

Send positive vibes my way!